Monday, May 20, 2013

Tie One On


One of the best summer accessories is a lightweight scarf – you can tie it any number of ways to add polish to any look (even wear it as a top when the heat turns up). There are bold colors and fun new patterns available everywhere, but just what do you do with those lovely old scarves you see at vintage shops? Portero Luxury, the online designer consignment shop, shows us how to tie those beautiful vintage Hermes scarves into a fun, summer headband ... perfect for – well – every single summer weekend. 
Of course, the first order of business is to get your hands a lovely vintage Hermes scarf for yourself. I love this floral print one, and this classic in black and white.

Photo courtesy of Hermes.

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  1. Hi Beth--thanks for mentioning my scarf, I've gotten a number of views from it. I lived in France for about 9 years and came to know the whole mystique around these art scarves. Just to let you know, I'll be posting some others. They ARE fun. I've never been successful wearing them, but they are fun.