Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Date With Angelina

Just one week from now, Steve and I will head back to Paris! (it's taking a lot of restraint to not fill this page with exclamation points). We were last there in 2010 and I love that city so much – everything is just as beautiful as you imagine. It would take a lifetime in Paris to see it all, but one of the spots I definitely want to check out on this trip is Angelina on Rue de Rivoli. 


As a sweet lover, I simply must try their famed hot chocolate L'Africain (apparently the best in the world), and their Mont Blac (a decadent dessert of meringue, whipped cream, chocolate and chestnut). 

Angelina Paris

Angelina Paris

Plan your visit and check out their site here.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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