Monday, September 16, 2013

Out on a Lim

My friend and I had fun last time we got up early to check out a Target collab, so we thought we'd try it again (if nothing else, it's kind of hilarious to watch the pandemonium that transpires!) 

We arrived at the West Loop Target about ten minutes before doors opened (a wise choice, as the 30 person line was covered by the parking garage on this rainy Sunday). Once inside, it took all of 2 minutes for the handbags to be cleared out ... pretty much by three chicks who decided to hog them all. I actually came to check out this tee and pick up a few things for Steve – a bag was simply a bonus in my book.    

Phillip Lim

Around 8:10, all that was left were the blue dresses, some men's wear and the sleeveless blouses and tanks.


With no sign of replenishing, Target employees even started breaking down the Phillip Lim signage on empty shelves.

We were pretty entertained, watching the space clear out in a matter of minutes, and felt bad when around 8:15, girls walked up asking where the bags were (oh honey, you snooze, you loose). As it turns out, patience pays off, because not long after, girls were pretty much dumping all of the stuff they weren't buying into our cart. At one point, we had a cart full of bags - all different styles. I came away with the bright yellow number I had my eye on, and we gave the rest to the snoozers (even giving up this pretty piece) ... I'm definitely not one to hog and resell on eBay.

Later that afternoon, Steve and I had to run to Target in the suburbs, and wouldn't you know it, they were stocked with goods like the cute trench coat, popular "Boom" sweatshirts, all of the leopard print stuff (even the pajama set), and all of the guys apparel. No bags though ... I mean, that would be a stretch.

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