Friday, November 15, 2013

Have A Warm Weekend!

afternoon tea

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you've all licked your wounds after the slaughter that was Isabel Marant X H&M (did you score? I was a big zero, oh well). It's supposed to be a cool and rainy weekend, so I'm playing hostess and having friends over for dinner one night, and family the other (it's just so much easier when people come to you!). 

Also this weekend ...
• The Atwood Cafe is starting their holiday tea service this weekend. Nothing is better than teeny tiny sandwiches and cookies ... except maybe the tea and champagne.

• Speaking of holidays, The Golden Triangle (the posh and pretty home store downtown) is holding their holiday market, complete with an opening day discount of 20%. I may have to hit this up ... I won't – er – can't stop with the home makeover

• While you're out and about shopping Saturday, swing over to to Wicker Park/Bucktown for ChillFest. 100 bands will be performing at "venues" like Antique Taco, Alliance Bakery, Penelope's and more ... how chill is that?!

Have a super weekend!

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