Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gellin' Like Majella

Red Lipstick

Well I've done it, I've found the perfect shade of red lipstick ... only, it's not a lipstick, it's a pencil, and it lasts about 100 times longer than the traditional tube of lip color. I've had a longtime love affair with NARS lip pencils, even choosing to wear this one on our wedding day. So when looking for a good holiday red, I marched straight there (actually to the new NARS shop in Soho, which was heaven). I find that reds are often too orange, but this pencil in Majella is a deep garnet color. It's bold, perfect for a festive look (I wore it here), but I also love it to dress up a casual look. It's amazing the power red lips have on a look ... I was just wearing jeans, my black coat and gray cap while holiday shopping, I stopped in a store mirror to apply this, and bam! I went from drab to fab in the swipe of a pencil.    
Red Lipstick

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