Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Guide: Your Dude

With Christmas only weeks away, it's time to get your shopping lists together. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say finding gifts for guys usually stumps me ... but I think I've got a few ideas that may fit the bill ... 

Gift Guide

1. Terre d'Hermes is one seriously sexy men's cologne.
2. Buying him a car may be out of budget, but this remote control car is still fun.
3. If he doesn't already, a shaving brush and soap are classic grooming tools.
4. Goose Island's Bourbon Country Stout is both delicious and potent (and popular – I recommend checking local liquor shops since it's often sold out at the big names)
5. Mr. Fancy Feet can keep his spiffy shoes all shined up with this kit.
6. These magnetic collar stays keep his collar perfectly smooth
7. These tumblers are vintage inspired, but updated with the ombre metallic touch.
8. Sure every guy has a bunch of hats, but this one adds a little style (plus you can borrow it).

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