Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fab at Your Fingertips

phone apps

I reserve precious space on my phone for apps that I truly use ... if I haven't used one in a few months, it's out. There are a few that have proven to be life (or at least, money) savers ... those brilliant helpers that I'd wished for at my fingertips actually exist ...

Hukkster tells you when items go on sale. So that dress you've been eyeing at Anthro or cute pair of pumps from Nordstrom are juuust out of budget? "Hukk it" and the app will alert you when the price drops!

SkinDeep is a blessing for your skincare routine. Scan or look up products and up pops a detailed report on any harmful ingredients and a scale of how good or bad it is. Just be prepared to get the dirty truth on some of your faves.

Fooducate is like SkinDeep for your grocery list - scan your items and it grades them (like an apple is A+, while those "healthy" chips are actually a D). It clarifies what harmful ingredients are in the bad stuff, and evens suggests healthier options!

Invisible Hand sounds creepy, but this price hunting tool is fantastic. Scan or look up an item you're shopping and it will tell you where to find it for cheaper, as well as any coupons available for it. (I have yet to try, but they say it works on flights and hotels too!)

Hotel Tonight is like bargain shopping for those super swanky hotels that are normally way out of budget - but only for that night. Steve and I have used it on a few weekend trips to NYC (that's right, we flew there without any reservations), but we scored deals at The Dylan Hotel one weekend, and The High Line Hotel another (both normally $250-$400/night). 

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