Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rock the Registry

I haven't written much wedding-related since Steve and I married over a year ago, but we've since then gotten some serious use out of our wedding gifts. With my sister now engaged, and I'm sure some of you are, I thought it my duty to report on a few of the things that we are so glad we put on our registry (we seriously exclaim "this thing is the best!" when using the items below) ...

Clockwise from top  
panini press: we love this contraption so much and whip up the prettiest paninis all the time (it makes even PB&J amazing). On the weekends, I love opening it flat and making pancakes. We like to have friends over and set up a panini bar (less work for us and very little clean up).

something pretty: okay, maybe you don't need a big crystal bowl, but not everything on your registry has to be a practical or functional item. I fell in love with this bowl and I would never buy it myself – I may not have fresh flowers for it all the time, or even use it often, but it sits on our shelves and I admire it every time I walk by.

really nice sheets: another item on the list of things you never want to buy yourself are thick, high thread count sheets. They make a world of difference but usually too pricey to just pick up when you need a new set.

Soda Stream: we were buying seltzer water by the bottle/can/liter ... anyway we could, so getting a Soda Stream just made sense. We use it all. the. time. I just add a lemon wedge and it's as good as Perrier.

thick bath towels: we thought our bath towels were fine – and they were – but then we bought these luxuriously thick towels for a friend's wedding gift and promptly put them on our own registry. In a word, amazing.

When it comes down to it, register for items that you need or want, but just don't foresee buying for yourself. And of course, cash is always top of the list (amiright?!) so throw Honeyfund on there as well ... you "register" for items on your honeymoon (like a fancy dinner or kayak tour) and when guests buy these, funds go into a PayPal account that you set up – voila – money in the bank!

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