Monday, March 24, 2014

Road Trip!

So it may not be the Pacific Coast highway or a north eastern dream drive, but Steve and I are finally doing a fun road trip. We bought a car down in Little Rock and we're taking it home to Chicago in a couple of weeks. I was hoping we'd locate a car up in Alaska or down in Florida, so when Steve said he found the perfect one in Arkansas ... well, I was stumped (I mean, I know nothing about the state and I couldn't identify any bucket-list spots along our route off the top of my head). Turns out we're in for a pretty fun trip ...

We'll fly into Little Rock (1) and head over to Memphis to check out Graceland! From there we're cruisin' to Nashville (2) for the night and we can't wait to eat and shop our way through the music city. After that we're heading to southern Illinois to hit up the wineries (3). Finally, we'll swing through Champaign/Urbana, Illinois (our alma mater) on our way home to Chicago (4). 

Of course, we're open to fun suggestions or must-sees along our route and I can't wait to report back on what fun sites we see!

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