Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lone Star Sight Seeing

Austin Tx

Steve and I are taking a little spring break this week and heading to Austin, Texas. I'm excited to check out the city for the first time (and happy to have some family there to lead us in the right direction). Below are a few recommendations I'm pretty excited for ... and I'd love more!  

Elizabeth Street Cafe - this French/Vietnamese spot is supposed to have amazing banh mi and I love the decor. 

The Oasis on Lake Travis looks like quite the dining experience! It could be cool (it could be not) but something tells me there's enough space for both parties.

Hamilton Pool - a waterfall from the Hamilton Creek spills into this grotto creating an amazing pool and nature preserve and – easily – one of the most beautiful spots.

Austin is one of the best cities for live music – luckily, one of Chicago's finest, Hey Champ, will be taking the stage Thursday night (if you're around, check them out!). 

Steve and I like our BBQ spicy and have been buying Stubb's for years. I'd love to visit the actual restaurant (and pretty much every BBQ joint we come across).

What else??

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