Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tress Mess

I will take all the time I need in the morning enjoying my shower, playing with makeup, or sifting through my closet, but I don't like spending too much time doing my hair. I've pared my washing down to once per week, which means I have to get creative between shampoos. Below are a few fave do's, and a couple I'd love to try, all easy fixes for a not-so-fresh mane ...

how to hair

clockwise from top:
messy side braid - this is one of my faves - make a deep side part, bring all hair to one side and loosely braid, letting pieces fall out.

side braid pulled back - starting with that side part again, braid a small section, pulling in pieces of hair as you make your way back. Tie back in a loose bun.

messy top knot - pull hair straight above head and start twisting, stopping when it reaches your crown. Wrap the twist around itself to create a loose bun and secure with bobbi pins or elastic. Let pieces fall out or pull some loose for this French-inspired do.

loose ponytail - as simple as it sounds, start with a center part, tease the crown slightly for some volume, and tie back with a pretty piece like the golden one in the photo.

tucked tresses - much easier than it looks, start by putting a thin elastic headband around your head. Starting in front, take sections of hair and start tucking them into the headband until the entire piece is wrapped around it. Continue all the way back on each side, tucking sections until you can't tuck any more! (bonus: sleep with this do and you'll have big, beachy waves the next day)

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