Monday, October 8, 2012

A Piece of Cake

Personal Shopper

It's no secret that I love to shop. Yes it's fun to get new things, but my favorite part is styling the item to create new looks. Well now I can help you come up with fab new looks! I am starting a new job at CakeStyle, a fantastic company that offers busy women (or those who admittedly just need a little styling advice) a shopping and personal styling service, making style "a piece of cake!" 

It works like this: after you sign up on CakeStyle's site, your newly appointed Cake Stylist (that's me!) will get in touch with you to discuss what you are looking for, sizing, likes and dislikes. Then just sit tight, and a box of hand-picked looks, complete with accessories, will arrive on your doorstep. Included is a video by yours truly, explaining why I chose each piece and suggested styling tips. You keep what you love and ship back what you don't using the supplied packing materials and label. That's it! Fabulous brands like Milly, DVF, and Theory come straight to you with your own (free) stylist as an awesome bonus! 

I've helped friends before and am so excited to help other women find great ensembles. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do everything with confidence! 

Let me pick out some great garments that will spruce up your fall looks, be the best dressed business woman, or help you find that perfect outfit for an upcoming event.

Sign up here and let's get started!

Hey Chicagoans - come to the CakeStyle showroom downtown for a one-on-one appointment. Instead of receiving your looks in a box, I will go through each ensemble with you in person – think, trying on clothes, that were hand-picked for you, with a very stylish friend! Sign up here and let's meet.

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  1. Congrats Beth! Can't wait to have you on the team!

  2. Oh, congrats! Tim told me about you leaving IP for a new opportunity and I am so excited this is it! What a perfect fit :) Best of luck to you!

    (Also, I totally lurk here on a regular basis and love to see what you're up to. The wedding was beautiful---so happy for you and Steve! xo, Sara (Ashman))

    1. Thanks so much! Come on in for an appointment sometime (and feel free to bring those adorable little ones with :)