Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bold Burgundy

One of my favorite trends for the fall season is bold burgundy (also referred to as oxblood, but I kinda think that's a weird name). This deep, ruby hue is on everything from hats to pants, shoes to handbags, and it compliments the season perfectly. Below is a roundup of some fab finds (both frugal and, well, not) ...
Burgundy Oxblood
Clockwise from top:
• leather and tweed blazer,  $169 – available here
• faux fur collar, $17.95 – available here
• calf hair pump, $228 – available here
• cropped jacket, $49.95 – available here
• coated skinny denim, $79.90 – available here
• keyhole blouse, $17.80 – available here
• calf hair crossbody bag, $174.99 – available here
• wool hat, $30 – available here

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  1. You're Famous! Was that you I saw on the Nellcote Facebook picture today? Love that cape post by the way. I have a serious obsession with them lately. Went to buy that creme Forever21 one yesterday and it's already sold out! Maybe I'll have more luck in the store.