Friday, October 19, 2012

Remaining Neutral

Chicago Stylist

Personal Style

Personal Style

Personal Stylist

The goods:
• shirt from Ralph Lauren

• sweater from Club Monaco
• tuxedo stripe pants from J.Crew
• two-toned pumps from Zara
• vintage Coach handbag
• vintage Omega watch
• tassel necklace from Forever21
• cameo necklace from Oui, Madame Winnetka

I lean toward neutral and black most of the year, and this cool and rainy weather doesn't exactly make me run for the bright colors. But that's what accessories are for! This bright red bag adds a pop to my black and tan. And while these beautiful necklaces by Extasia come in a bevy of colors, of course I chose the ivory colored cameo ... brights make fantastic accents, but neutrals do go with everything.

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