Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Look Who Moo'ved Into Town ...


Steve and I spent a day at Soho House Miami last year and I became fully obsessed with their line of organic bath and body products from Cowshed. I made unnecessary trips to the rest room just to wash my hands with the jasmine-scented soap, washed the beach off in the ladies locker room with the grapefruit body wash, and slathered myself in the lavender lotion. Ever since, I scoured the web searching for any shops or stocklists, but Cowshed was exclusive to (the even exclusive-er) Soho House properties ... until now! Their products are finally available at Barney's stores, and they've unveiled a US site. I can finally rest easy now that my fave fragrant shower gels are just a click away.

Check out the entire line here, and don't tell me you're not moo'ved by the intoxicating fragrances!

Photo courtesy of Babington Houae

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