Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sailing the Stylish Seas

Saint James Shirt

Like my black skinny pants, tailored blazer, and nude pumps, my striped shirt is a well loved staple in my wardrobe. I found my Saint James top in a little vintage shop in Paris and found that this comfortable piece really does go with everything. I've tucked mine into a pencil skirt, worn it over cut off shorts, and paired it with my black pants as my weekend uniform.

Saint James has operated out of a small town in the Normandy region since 1850. They are known for their famed fisherman sweater, designed to protect sailors from the elements, and part of the official French naval uniform since 1871. According to an old lore from Brittany, the 21 stripes each correspond to a naval victory of Napoleon's French fleet against the British.

Great for keeping fishermen warm, but better for keeping modern ladies looking effortlessly chic! 

Saint James Shirt

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