Monday, November 7, 2011

Admire and Inspire

Chicago Vintage style

Chicago style

vintage style

Chicago style

The goods:
• white blouse from Forever21
• black pants from J.Crew
• leather hooded jacket from Old Navy
• stacked heel mary janes from Lori's Shoes

• gold disk earrings from Valentina, Winnetka
• gold bracelets from J.Crew, IGWT, Banana Republic and Forever21

I remember a few years ago I spotted a beautiful brown, buttery leather, hooded jacket at Bloomingdale's that was way out of my price range. I fawned over it every time I walked by and, in typical fashion, tried to scheme ways I could somehow acquire it (I mean, who really needs three meals a day?). But also true to form, I never acted on the purchase, knowing I really couldn't afford it. Then a miracle occurred (or I randomly stopped in Old Navy) and I found almost the exact jacket! Only instead of a small fortune, it was a steal at $80 for the super soft, genuine leather. A reminder that I don't need to own every article of clothing I admire, but draw inspiration and keep hunting.

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