Monday, November 21, 2011

The Price is Right

Chicago style

French style

vintage style

vintage style

The goods:
• white tuxedo front shirt from Target
• green cardigan from Banana Republic
• dark jeans from Citizens of Humanity
• black knee-high boots from Candela
• rhinestone and enamel tiger bangle from Temptation II
• gold disk earrings from Valentina, Winnetka

• black and gold belt from Forever21

Typically, I won't buy anything on trips that I could buy in Chicago, that's just adding unnecessary weight to my carry-on. The exception, of course, is an amazing deal. My friend and I popped in Olive & Bettes, a cute little clothing store in Soho, where we found a rack of various Citizens of Humanity jeans. The sales girl came over and sort of whispered "they're all on sale". We looked at each other, wondered why she didn't mention the discount, and because it was just kind of weird. "They're all $50". This time we looked at each other in shock and started grabbing our sizes. I came away with these super soft and stretchy Avedon skinnies (which we're originally marked at $225!), and my friend picked up skinny black corduroys and a pair of fantastic bell Angie jeans. And with no sales tax on clothing under $100 in NYC, at $50 flat, these jeans were the find of the trip! (heck, of the year!).

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