Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cheap and Chic

Chicago style

vintage style

Chicago vintage

vintage style

The goods:
• vintage white blouse from Salvation Army
• black pants from Forever21
• black and gold belt from Forever21
• vintage leather handbag from Village Thrift Shop, Antioch
• black and leopard booties from Vince Camuto

I found this blouse on sale at Salvation Army — and when Salvation Army has a sale, you can practically pay in coins. It was originally marked $2.75, the colored price tag meant it was half off (I would pay more for the pretty gold buttons alone!). A quick trip to the dry cleaners (always, and I love that it usually costs more than the garment) and the blouse is as good as new. Another a fab find was this black leather purse. I spotted it dangling from chest of drawers in a thrift shop (it always pays to check out thrift and vintage outside of the city ... a bag in this great condition surely would have been snapped up around here). It is beautiful, soft leather, and at only $9, I didn't think twice! I had one of the leather tabs holding the handle replaced and it was just like new. My entire outfit cost less than $30 (except for my $100 booties) ... I think that is a personal best.

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