Friday, November 4, 2011

Diamonds in the Rough

Chicago Vintage style

Chicago style

vintage style

Chicago style

The goods:
• white top from H&M
• black pants from Forever21
• vintage corduroy blazer from rummage sale
• vintage brown suede shoes from McShane's Exchange consignment
• gold initial necklace from Stitch

• gold leopard ring from Topshop
• sunglasses from Forever21

Vintage shopping is one of those times where if you want something, buy it, because there's no guarantee it will be there the next day. I spotted these awesome vintage Jill Sander platform pumps at one of my favorite consignments shops in Chicago, but despite being in great condition and fitting perfectly, I didn't buy them. It was months before I got back to McShane's to scour the jam packed shop for the shoes, and lo and behold, they were tucked far in the sale room, now at half off! Another one of my favorite vintage finds is this Yves Saint Laurant corduroy blazer that I found at a rummage sale for $12. It was one of those exquisite moments when you instantly fall in love with a piece on the rack, try it on and it fits like a glove (though for YSL, you make it work!). Crowded consignment and thrift stores can be overwhelming, but for gems like these, patience definitely pays off!

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