Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Style Inspiration ... Water for Elephants

I read Sarah Gruen's book, Water for Elephants, last year and loved reading about the incredible costumes the female lead, Marlena, would wear during her circus performances. I just watched the movie, and I know the book is usually better, but the outfits Reese Witherspoon wears as Marlena are above and beyond what I even imagined! (especially her "off-duty" attire). Her looks were so inspiring, with the rich colors and delicate, flowing fabrics, complete with lovely embellishments and accessories. Get the looks (for a steal) below.

Marlena's casual look

Inspired goods, from top right:
• vintage striped scarf, $15 - available here
• khaki belted pants, $22 - available here
• silver stacking bangles, $4.80 - available here
• Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Évasion, $32 - available here

• brown top, $6 - available here

Marlena's dressy look 
Inspired goods, from top right:
• leather belted bag, $100 - available here

• white wool beret, $7.99 - available here
• white button skirt, $59.99 - available here
• striped peplum top, $39.99 - available here
• vintage YSL belt, $68 - available here
• vintage Chanel earrings, $150 - available here

 Marlena's formal look 

Inspired goods, from top right:
• beige tunic dress, $398 - available here

• vintage rhinestone bow belt, $25 - available here
• white satin gown, $199 - available here
• Chanel Rouge Allure in Excessive, $32 - available here
• vintage rhinestone necklace, $49 - available here

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