Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bewitched by Stitch

I've mentioned Stitch before, it's where I got this initial necklace that I adore. Stitch is a fantastic shop on Damen that sells amazing jewelry, handbags, home decor and furniture (and guy stuff too, like messenger bags, scarves and wallets). They offer items at every price point which makes it the perfect shop to find gifts for everyone and every occasion. I frequent the shop so much that the lovely shop ladies have started to smile and say "Good to see you again! Finally coming in to get that <insert latest coveted item here> for yourself?".

A great service they offer is their wishlist registry. It's like a wedding registry, except it's just for you and you note all the items you desire in the store (um, can you check off entire store?), and then boyfriends/husbands/friends can shop from your pre-approved list of items. Now, if I could only figure out how to leave out a note hinting I'm registered at Stitch, since I'm not big into the whole telling-you-exactly-what-I-want business.

Clockwise from top:
• Stitch's interior is clean, modern and inviting, you could almost move in!
• most pieces of their mid-century inspired furniture are customizable, offering a multitude of fabric and finish options
• just a glimpse of the beautiful baubles they offer
• contemporary home accents like graphic dessert plates and crisp lighting blend well with the warm wood accent furniture they sell.
• handbags of every size, shape and price adorn one of the walls


  1. I was there yesterday doing Christmas gift research! Love it!


    We made those cards that you suggested Beth -- take a look!