Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Speedy

Chicago style

Beth Nelson style

fall style

fall style

The goods:
• cream sheer blouse and taupe jacket from Forever21

• Gap jeans

• tan pumps from Aldo outlet on Ashland

• vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy
• vintage silver necklace
• men's watch, In God We Trust gold bangle
• rose gold and rhinestone flower ring, $3 from Forever21
• gold and rhinestone earrings from Temptations II

When I was in high school, my mom, sisters and I would make occasional trips to "The Purse Lady". I don't think I ever knew her name, she was a friend of a friend of my mom's, but this woman's downtown apartment was her shop, selling the best faux purses I have ever seen (note: I don't purchase fake bags anymore, but at age 16, all I knew was they were affordable). I can't actually recall what purchases I made from her — I think I remember a Gucci wallet, maybe a small Prada crossbody purse (because every girl had one) — but my best score came after one of these trips. We stopped by a friend of my mom's in the neighborhood and when she asked why we were in town, my mom told her how we just stopped by this lady who sells faux designer bags. She said "that reminds me of this great LV bag once ... actually, I think it's around here somewhere ..." and she rummaged deep into her closet and pulled out this poor, dusty Speedy bag. "Here, since you like designer stuff, you can have it, it's just sitting back there." I nearly died ... and then I went to Louis Vuitton on Michigan Ave. where they replaced the broken zipper pull for free and I was good to go with my very own Speedy. I still love it, it fits the world inside, and it was the best. bargain. ever!

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