Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's look — new nude

Chicago style

Beth Nelson outfit

Chicago style

The goods:
• nude sweater from Gap
• wide-leg jeans from J Brand
• gold cuff from Coach
• navy wool blazer with gold buttons found at a rummage sale for $3 (see Tuesday's post on the best rummage sale!).

I stopped in Gap last weekend to grab a baby-shower gift (very cute baby clothes!) and accidentally walked out with something for myself—strange how that happens. I blame the salesperson who casually mentioned to me that everything in the store was 30% off. I love this super thin sweater and this color goes with everything. Seeing this outfit, and my other looks this week, made me realize I have been sticking to neutrals (black, white, tan ...). Note to self to start adding a little more color!

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  1. I need you to shop for me at this rummage sale!