Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's look (complete with a $1 accessory)

The goods:
• vintage sunglasses from Paris
• Obesity & Speed sweatshirt from Bonnie & Clyde's on Division (Every summer they have an epic warehouse sale and this was originally something like $150 down to $30!)
• skirt from Citizens of Humanity
• necklace from rummage sale, $1
• Andre Assous "Paloma" espadrilles from Lori's on Armitage

So it's only been a few days since really keeping track of my daily outfits and it's become clear that I incorporate something found at a flea market/vintage shop/rummage sale in almost every look! I mean, I've always loved vintage and pride myself on being able to find that diamond in the rough, I guess I just didn't realize until taking daily note of my attire's origin just how much of my wardrobe probably costs the same as my Starbucks — which is awesome.

I'm wearing this necklace today (which I'm pretty sure is actually a belt) that I found at the most amazing rummage sale of your life for $1. I've been going to this rummage sale at Christ Church in Winnetka for years and I have found more gems there than any other vintage source — thee best jeans I ever owned, these straight-leg, broken-in Levis for $1, amazing cashmere sweaters for around $10, vintage evening clutches for $15, a Burberry trench for $20, and probably the best find of my entire life ... my pristine, cream colored Chanel skirt suit. This is not some 80s skirt suit your grandmother would wear (though I would have gladly snatched that up too), this is a high waisted, fitted skirt to the calf with a matching short-sleeved, cropped jacket with one beautiful "CC" button at the collar. And the price? (are you sitting down?...) $40! Yup, I know!

Good news, this sale is coming up next month! It's pretty serious business, people come in from the city and surrounding areas by the bus loads and it gets crowded! There are what seems like 100 different departments, but the "French Room" is where you find the designer clothes and there is usually a one-in-one-out line for the small space. If you have patience it could be worth it ... if you like $40 Chanel suits.

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  1. How about a picture of that Chanel suit?! So amazing!