Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Man's Trash ...

The Salvation Army near my home has to be one of the largest ever ... it's three floors of furniture, clothes and housewares. Perusing the housewares takes patience and the ability to spot that treasure amongst the trash — and there is a lot of trash. I always admire their collection of mismatched Fiesta Ware (pieces go for 85¢!), their delicate drink ware (there's something similar on BHLDN — but these are original and $4 for the pair), and these great deco West Bend Penguin hot/cold servers (that also work as ice buckets - $20).

A couple of my recent purchases are below ...


These silver rimmed glasses reminded me of the Dorothy Thorpe roly poly tumblers from Mad Men, and at $2 for all 8, I didn't really need to give it a second thought. I needed a white table cloth and this one is actually really nice! It has a floral print woven into it and a detailed edge that made it well worth the whopping 75¢ I dropped on it. Even our outdoor table and lounge chairs are from Salvation Army — we got the teak table and chairs for about $100 last summer.


  1. Wow - Amazing finds! Love the glasses and the lounge chairs

  2. Love, love the glasses! I believe that the prettier the glasses the better the drink tastes!