Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh, hello!

Since I can remember, I have been tearing pictures out of glossys of amazing outfits, must-haves or beautifully photographed clothes/accessories/interiors. I would always look to this collection for inspiration — often finding ways to create something myself or find an incredible piece at the most unlikely of places (I'm not afraid to rifle through the endless racks at my nearby Salvation Army!).

But what's the fun in keeping my collection for myself?! I want to inspire others and I finally got the nudge I needed when a friend said "Please start a blog and post pictures of yourself so I can see what you wear everyday!" I laughed - but then thought, I love seeing what others wear, so why not. I hope to inspire and start conversations, about style, how-tos, where to buy and more.

I like to think I have a knack for editing myself and my spaces with a discerning eye, taking care and time to present things in their best possible state. So here it is, putting things together very well, or, très bien ensemble.

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