Monday, June 3, 2013

Fab Under Foot

Porselli Ballet Flats

Always on the hunt for the perfect ballet flat (I raved about my marvelous Repettos before), I've recently come across a new fave. Porselli flats are perfectly precious pieces that are made completely by hand in Milan (since, like, forever), and like a true ballet slipper, the super soft shoes break-in to fit your feet perfectly. These simple classics are so comfortable, you almost want to break into a pirouette (like the Scala dancers in italy, all outfitted by Porselli). These were one of those finds that after walking all day, made me want to run out and buy every color and style ever made, now that's amore.

The fabulous Garance Doré shares a peek into the charming, no-nonsense Porselli shop in Milan ... so when's the next flight?

Photo Courtesy of Garance Doré

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  1. Hi! I'm also in Chicago - just curious, where do you find these flats/and advice on the sizing? Thanks!