Monday, November 26, 2012

Right on Pointe


There is one brand of footwear that the fine ladies of France have coveted for decades ... Repetto. They created their first pair of gorgeous ballet slippers in 1947, but they rose to cult status in 1956 when Mme. Repetto dedicated the "Centrillion" flat to Brigitte Bardot. It's easy to see why they're so popular ... not only are each pair a simply beautiful design, but made by hand (with amour, I'm sure).

Repetto Paris

Today the brand is a harmonious collection of their traditional slippers, their iconic flats and so much more ... they've added sneakers and heels to their footwear collection

repetto clothing

... and beyond their tutus and tights, beautiful ballet sweaters and will soon launch their ready to wear collection of ballet-inspired dresses and day wear. Their leather goods include tote bags, clutches and crossbody bags ... all retaining the fluid lines of their initial inspiration ... dance.

repetto handbags

Repetto Paris

And as if the brand couldn't be any more magical, the windows of the Repetto Paris shops depict the great classical ballets (Swan Lake is pictured above).

I like to challenge myself to decide which color I would purchase if I had two seconds to choose (and I fail every time, changing my mind for every shade of the rainbow that they come in!) Well, I will need to make that choice next time I'm in Paris, because I decided a pair will be my souvenir.

... and yes, I know you can get them here in the U.S., but where's the French fun in that!

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