Friday, November 16, 2012

Have a Fun Weekend!

GT Fish Oyster

After last weekends drizzly weather, we deserve this mild autumn break. I will be continuing my hunt for the perfect chic-yet-comfortable-low-heels-black-boots (which may very well be these), and reconnecting with friends over dinner.

Also this weekend ...
• As if you need an excuse to dine on the deliciousness that is GT Fish & Oyster, a portion of their sales of east coast oysters this week will go to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief. I'll take two dozen!

• This weekend marks the last Vintage Heaven sale of the season. Snap up a vintage dress for the holidays, or pick up some baubles for holiday gifts!

• Practice for the feast next week and pick up the ingredients for this delicious pumpkin bread recipe

• Start your holiday shopping early by picking up some reclaimed goodness at Post27. The store is closing shop on Grand Ave and everything is marked way down (I love this lamp for beautifying a home workspace).

Have a fantastic weekend!      

1 comment:

  1. Just went through a similar black short boot search. Check these out from Nordstrom. I just got them today in the mail and they are beautiful in person.