Thursday, November 8, 2012

In the Garden

Paris sights

I think I'm about overdue for a good ol' Paris daydream ... There is just too much beauty to see in this city, one cannot possibly cram it all into one trip. A few spots that are on my short list the next time I get to Paris are shown here, starting with the sunning Musée Rodin above. Right there in that center arch, that's gotta be just about perfect, with that breathtaking view of the gardens and museum ... of course, the inside looks just as grand.

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The Hotel Particulier is quite literally a secret garden, tucked away behind ivy and gates down a hidden path. 

Paris France

A different kind of garden, this rooftop terrace above the Hotel Raphael looks incredibly romantic and inviting (and those views! You can't find those at ground level).

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And last – and definitely a space I cannot wait to see – is the Musée de Carnavalet (or, the Museum of Paris History). As soon as I stumbled across photos of the interior courtyards, I was sold. The setting looks like something out of a storybook!

I'll tell ya, the longer I wait to go back, the longer my list of "to-do's" gets (guess I'll need to plan an extended trip!).

Photos from the location's corresponding website

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