Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fabulous Find: Chestnut & Scott

tree stump table

Our home is an ever-growing collection of carefully curated finds, and Steve and I have managed to blend our styles fairly easily, his cool contemporary pieces are balanced out with my vintage and reclaimed finds that add an element of warmth. I've noticed tree stump tables as accents on numerous interior style blogs and decor magazines and love the simple yet stunning look.

Well it turns out a dear friend started a business of reclaimed home accents – Chestnut & Scott (an adorable name representing the two street names on which she and her business partner live) churns out the most stylish stumps I've seen, finished in everything from matte black or gray, to bright gold or silver. I was thrilled to talk with her about their new adventure and honestly wanted to take home every piece. I finally decided on this perfectly polished white stump which makes the perfect side table to my vintage Steelcase chair in the corner of our bedroom.

tree stump table

They have broadened their offerings to include mirrors set in vintage bicycle wheels and gorgeous throw pillows created from vintage stadium blankets. Already busy, I'm sure it won't be long before their business booms even more (and I can say I have a Chestnut & Scott original).

Check out the goods on their Facebook page and find your perfect piece of nature to bring home (good luck choosing a fave!)

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