Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Black & Tan

Chicago Stylist

Personal Style

Personal Style

Personal Style

The goods:
• H&M turtleneck

• vintage Chanel skirt
• HUE tights
• Candela boots 

While I usually stick to neutrals and black (hey, it's at least 75% of my wardrobe), I do like to play with proportions. With a voluminous aline skirt, I always tuck a tight fitting top into it and pair it with slim boots or tights and ankle boots. My go-to tight top in winter is a black turtleneck. Every woman should have a good one, but think about replacing it every couple years once it starts to show signs of wear. This was my year to stock up and it was surprisingly hard to track down, but I finally had luck at Club Monaco and H&M ... where you can likely find them on sale now since spring is in the air!

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