Friday, April 18, 2014

Have an Excellent Easter Weekend!

stylish Easter eggs

Happy weekend all! Well it's not supposed to be the summer city weather Chicago had last weekend, but maybe we'll at least get some sun. Even though my brother and sisters and I are grown, we still decorate eggs and have a hunt around the house – I love the idea of using a white paint pen on brown eggs (and kinda surprised I didn't think of this sooner!)

Also this weekend ...
• Bring a whimsical snack to your Easter gathering with these dark chocolate easter egg nests (they're so easy ... and delicious ... and messy).

• If you're a fan of musicals, chances are you're a fan of singing along to them ... well if you're a Grease fan, this Saturday you can throw on your best Sandy costume (there's a contest!) and sing along to the hits at the Music Box Theater.

• Since warm weather isn't here yet, I will just have to day dream about it. I just ordered a bottle of this body oil and I'm embarrassingly excited (monoi oil comes from French Polynesia and I got hooked on the fragrant oil when we honeymooned there a couple years ago). Now I can be reminded of our trip and smell amazing all the time (and when the warm weather does arrive, this stuff also soothes sunburn).

Have a great weekend!

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