Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Homeward Bound

It may not have been an Alaskan adventure or Route 66, but Steve and I found hidden gems along our road trip from New Jersey home to Chicago. Legs of the trip seemed to alternate between scenic and lovely, to flat and, well, boring, but we had fun! Some highlights below ... 

Road Trip
Clockwise from top:
• Steve with our new (old) SUV. I love driving bigger cars so I was excited to take this baby out on the open road.

Hershey, PA is exactly like my inner 6 year old imagined it – everything is chocolate related! The street lamps resembled Kisses, roads are named after the candy bars, and there is even a chocolate theme park in it's center!

• My family used to stop at Big Boy when we went up to Wisconsin, but since that one closed years ago, I hadn't spotted one since ... turns out he just moved out east a little (and west to California, and north to Michigan).

• There were covered bridges along our entire trip – sure we had to exit the expressway to spot them, but shots like this were worth it.

• Steve and I have a weakness for antique malls. We love sifting through the endless aisles of old loot to spot those gems. This time we came back with a brass bed, vintage patio furniture, and a pedestal table (good thing we picked up that SUV!)

• Many of the smaller towns we stopped in had the most adorable little buildings. A little town called Olmstead Falls restored their "downtown" to it's original glory, so sights like this amazing little house weren't uncommon. 

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