Friday, July 27, 2012

Around the World

dream vacation

Ever since Steve and I booked our honeymoon, going on vacation is all we can think about! It took us quite a while to decide on a destination – I mean, we could go anywhere on Earth! – but we finally decided on French Polynesia (staying in Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea – one of our resorts is pictured above). While perusing travel sites and magazines for the prettiest palm trees or laziest lanais, I came across some locales that seem like dreams come true ... and are definitely on my short list now ...


The Greek Islands – This has long been on my list of places to visit. The white washed buildings and blue rooftops make this place look like a dream.


Paratay, Brazil –  I'm not ashamed to admit that I only found this amazing spot after seeing it in the Twilight movie (that island where Bella and Edward honeymoon). Incredible rental houses like that in the film do exist, and not all of them cost an arm and a leg (but definitely take your breath away).


Banff, Alberta, Canada – My parents honeymooned in Banff, and every photo I see looks incredibly majestic. I would love to stay in the Fairmont Chateau on Lake Louise.

Provence – Lavender fields + France equals what can only be described as Heaven.


Bali –  Indonesia seems like one of the most exotic places you can visit. Friends who have traveled there said it is very affordable once you arrive, and obviously their favorite spot they've been to yet.


Tuscany –  I imagine sitting on a terrace like this in Italy, sipping delicious wine and taking in the vistas must be one of the most relaxing places on Earth. It's up there on my list of places to travel!

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