Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Essentials: Sun Hats

There are so many reasons to rock a sun hat – first, safety – I love a healthy glow in the summer, but I'm also becoming increasingly cognizant of aging (in that, I'd rather not). Also, protect your hair color (authentic or otherwise) from bleaching out too much in the sun. And, a cute cover that shields my face from wrinkles? Yes, please! Finally, the lovely mix of sunscreen, sweat and humidity can leave locks less than lustrous, so why not cover it right up with one of these pieces? From the floppy variety, to crisp, short brimmed, to a tress-taming headband, these goods are a no-brainer summer staple ...

summer hats

The easy breezy goods, from top right:
1. woven fedora – $58, available at Nordstrom
2. two-toned floppy sun hat – $48, available at Ann Taylor
3. classic panama hat – $58, available at J.Crew
4. red striped sun hat – $20, available Urban Outfitters
5. geometric floppy hat – $48, available at Nordstrom
6. striped headband – $70, available on

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