Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blast From the Past: Dollybird Design

Dollybird is an amazing, Chicago-based jewelry line. Each exquisite piece uses one of a kind gemstones and rustic materials, set in sterling silver, resulting in these wearable works of art. Below are some of my favorite pieces – including my most coveted "temple ring" – available on the Dollybird Etsy shop. I don't have my own masterpiece, yet, but I did find this little gem to tide me over.

Dollybird design
Gold Miner's Ring

Dollybird Design
Preserved Cob Web Necklace

Dollybird design
Hinterland Necklace

Dollybird design
Maritime Pendant

Dollybird design
Drusy Chrysocolla Ring

Dollybird design
Sea Creature Necklace

Dollybird design
Temple Ring

See more designs from Dollybird here!

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