Thursday, September 20, 2012

From Hot to Not

Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson

Chicago Style

Beth Nelson

The goods:
• silk dress from Aritzia

• leather hooded jacket from Old Navy
• sandals from Forever21
• vintage Coach bag
• vintage Casio watch
• thin rhinestone bangle from Valentina Winnetka
• pearl pendant and blue topaz ring are honeymoon souvenirs

Oh boy ... coming back from two weeks in French Polynesia is one serious challenge! (though I don't expect much sympathy over it). Steve and I have barley scraped the surface on our wedding and honeymoon photos, but once I do, I will gladly share some snaps (any excuse to relive those events!)

I'll tell ya, after wearing little more than a bikini and pareo (what the Tahitians call a sarong), putting on actual clothing has been an adjustment. I will admit though, I'm a little excited to see these mild Autumn temps ... I even told Steve on the flight home (after realizing it was already mid-September) how excited I am for fall attire. Perfect time to mix lighter layers, like this silky dress, with more substantial pieces like this leather hoodie.

But just to be clear, I'd choose the hot Tahitian sun and a bathing suit in any day.

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