Friday, January 10, 2014

Have a Wonderful Winter Weekend!

healthy new year

Hard to believe it's already the weekend (due in part to those "snow days" earlier this week). If you're like me, you've probably resolved to be healthier in 2014. All week, instead of the same old boring cereal or piece of fruit, I've been making some delicious smoothies and juices for breakfast (thanks to my Ninja I received for Christmas - holy moly does this thing blend!). I'm loving this recipe in particular. 

Also this weekend ...
• Make your reservations now for the upcoming Chicago Restaurant Week (Jan 27-Feb 6). All of the favorites are there, plus some hip new-comers (maybe I'll finally try The Dawson, til now I've only enjoyed their delicious drinks). 

• Steve and I have seen more movies in the past couple weeks than we did all year – but we have yet to see Saving Mr. Banks. It looks adorable, plus Science and Industry is showing the Treasures of Walt Disney exhibit right now, where you can see original drawings, props, costumes and more from Mary Poppins and other greats.

• I love that as our apartments become more grown-up, Target seems to grow right along with it. The Nate Berkus collection for Target is always right on point, and the new stuff doesn't disappoint. It's always hard to pick favorites, but I'm loving this gold lamp, and this runner for the front entrance. 

Have a fantastic weekend!

Photo courtesy of Honest Cooking

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