Monday, June 4, 2012

A Favorite Frugal Find

Beth Nelson

Chicago Style

Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson

The goods:
• dress by DVF

• jacket from BCBG Outlet
• shoes, belt, necklace, bangle, and earrings from Forever21

There are pieces you pine over for years, scores that were so good that you can't help but smile when you see them hanging in your closet, glad that fashion fate brought you together. I spotted this strapless dress at Saks a few years ago, the dark navy, pleat and pocket details made it a perfect, versatile go-to for any event. I could dress it up with jewels and chic shoes, throw a blazer over for work, or even sandals and a hat on hot summer weekends. Yes, I would get my money's worth out of this classic staple, but I just couldn't swallow dropping around $400. Patience paid off when I spotted a lone size 4 at Nordstrom Rack about 4 months later for about $100! It fit like a glove and the rest is history. Unless it's one of a kind, it's always worth the wait.


  1. I have this dress too, purchased at Saks in 2008? I love it and still wear it all the time. Although I wish I got your deal on it!