Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gift Guide: Dear Ol' Dad

He taught you life lessons (sometimes learned the hard way when you broke the rules), he told the requisite dad jokes (and received the appropriate eye-rolls), and passed along traits that not until adulthood, did you realize you've fully adopted. While it would be impossible to repay your dad for all he's done for you, fun gifts make small symbols of your appreciation. Below are some nicely-priced last minute gift ideas for pops!

The daddy dearest goods: 
1. leather monogram ipad case – $69.50, available at Pottery Barn

2. Elvis boxed set – $38, available on Amazon

3. 6-pack of his favorite beer – $8.99, available at Binnys

4. stuffed burger press (um ... and subsequent drop-ins from his favorite child for dinner) – $14.95, available at Williams Sonoma

5. quarter zip sweater (a required part of the dad uniform) – $98, available on Salmon Cove 

6. sandalwood shaving cream  – $22, available at Art of Shaving 

7. retro-inspired am/fm/mp3 player (if your dad is like mine, there is a radio on wherever he is. wherever - he - is.) – $29, available at Restoration Hardware 

8. croquet set – $129, available on L.L.Bean 

9. classic Sperry Top-Siders – $90, available on Zappos

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