Monday, June 25, 2012

Home Again, Home Again ...

I got a late start today after a wonderful weekend in Michigan with my family. Vacation never lasts long enough, but at least Chicago welcomes us back with a perfect 75 degree summer day. Below are a few of highlights from the quick jaunt to the other side of the lake (which, totally strange, but always gets me lost since I know here, the lake is always East) ... 

 • Hitting my absolute fave antique spots (where I scored some sparkly vintage pieces and couldn't resist some awesome brass beaded garland ... who knows what I'll do with it

 • The fresh and fragrant roadside markets offered a gorgeous array of vegetables, fruit and shrubs (and gorgeous Michigan cherry pies!). 

 • Steve's highlight was taking his car to a nearby race track (we're talking the works - Racing helmet, number decal, technique tutorials - It's becoming a serious hobby)..


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