Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Last Spring Fling

Beth Nelson

Chicago Style

Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson

The goods:
• top from Gap

• vintage skirt and earrings
• sandals from Forever21
• wrap watch by La Mer
• bangles from Coach, C.Wonder, Forever21

It's the last full day of spring (a sweltering one, at that) so I'm donning a flowy floral. I couldn't bear the thought of confining garments today – a fitted pencil skirt wasn't cool enough, and pants, forget it. The airier the better and this vintage frock is super lightweight and still work appropriate. Since layering was out of the question, the floral print and bright colors add some dimension to my look. Stay cool!


  1. Your skirt is lovely for a day like today. You're making me rethink my choice of pencil skirt!

    1. So long as you keep cool! Plus, your pencil skirt probably fared better than my flowy frock in that hot wind!