Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forever Frugal

Chicago style

Beth Nelson style

fall style

The goods:
• pale pink sweater from H&M
• black skirt from Forever21
• vintage "gilver" (gold/silver, according to Rachel Zoe!) chain and medallion necklaces from Vintage Underground
• IGWT gold bangle
• sandals by Born
• sunglasses from Forever21

By now it's evident that if my attire isn't vintage, it's more than likely from Forever21. Scouring the racks at this mega-bargain mecca isn't that different from digging through a vintage shop or rummage sale, it takes patience and determination to graze over every square inch to find what you are looking for (or just to see what you can find). Forever21, H&M, vintage shops ... for me it's all about affordability. Even if I could afford to shop all designer, what I love most is the thrill of the hunt, and that moment when I reach into a rack and find the perfect garment in my size for around $20 makes the endless digging worth it. Style doesn't mean you have to drop the big bucks at department stores or specialty boutiques (though Barney's sale racks are worth a browse), it's knowing what can work together and still look like a million bucks (but only cost 50 bucks).

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