Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Very P.O.S.H.

Posh on State Street is an amazing little shop - you would swear you just walked into a Parisian flea market. They stock mostly vintage (some new) goods for your entire kitchen, like hotel china and silver, french tea towels, jadeite cake stands, ceramic creamers, french salt cellars, antique matchbook stands, milk glass salt & pepper shakers ... the list goes on and on. It's not a huge space but I could still spend a good chunk of time in there pouring over each and every item they offer, dreaming up ways to incorporate it all into my home (or how to arrange just moving in). I just might pull it off since I read that they have a wedding registry!

Clockwise from top:
Tour Eiffel bottle openers, Bistro de Paris dessert plates 

• Le Petit Saunier sea salted caramels
• stacks of hotel branded dishware
• vintage french china sets
• vintage ashtrays
• piles of vintage silverware 

Also, a fun fact courtesy of the shop's website ... the word posh began as an acronym. Wealthy steamship passengers would book cabins on the port side of ship going out of England, Starboard for the journey home. Their tickets were stamped P.O.S.H. (Port Out Starboard Home) and people started using the acronym to describe luxurious accommodations. Et Voilà!

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