Thursday, October 6, 2011

French Connection

Chicago style

Beth Nelson style

fall style

fall style

The goods:
• vintage metallic square pattern dress from France
• black leather boots from Candela
• initial necklaces from Urban Outfitters and Stitch Chicago
• gold multi chain bracelet from J.Crew
• vintage navy sunglasses from Paris

When Steve and I visited France last year, I was like a moth to the flame when we came across vintage shops. I loved sifting through the racks, just like I do at home, but instead of recognizing brands from yesteryear, the labels displayed sexy french words (and everything sounds—and looks—better in French, right?) I picked up this dress in a little vintage shop in Nice called Caprice. The shop girl was as sweet as could be, saying "trés sexy, avec sexy boots!" and after bonding over beautiful clothing and accessories, she cut me a deal, selling me all my fantastic French finds for about $75! I love the conservative cut, but sexy sheer fabric, and the gold and silver pattern is my fave part! I know I can always find great garments in Chicago vintage stores too, but French labels just have that certain je ne sais quoi, oui?

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