Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Layered Lace

Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson style

Chicago Style

Chicago Style

The goods:
• peach lace and chiffon dress from American Apparel

• black lace blouse from Old Navy
• HUE tights from Nordstrom Rack
• men's cashmere sweater from sample sale
• booties from DSW
• necklaces from Tiffany's
• bangles from Barneys
• vintage heirloom cocktail ring

Steve regularly purges his closet of outdated or hardly worn items, and often gives me grief for not joining him in this effort. I may not wear everything often, but on days like today, I'm glad I kept garments like this black lace blouse (let's just say the Old Navy tag design has been updated since this piece ... many times over). It's a classic wrap style, and black stands the test of time better than any color. Paired with this lace dress, the two patterns add some visual interest to an otherwise neutral outfit. I believe if it's a basic color and you can style the piece at least three different ways (I would also wear this top with black pants and a bright tank underneath, or paired with jeans and a blazer), then it's a keeper!

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