Friday, February 24, 2012

A Sneak Peak at Nellcôte Chicago

The other night, our good friends invited us along to preview the much-anticipated Nellcôte on Randolph St. A French chateau-inspired eatery in our hood? Needless to say, I had been dying to see this new spot!

It's hard to remember how this place looked when it was Marché ... hundreds of glass vases – each with fresh lavender – cover the entryway wall, crystal chandeliers hang near the rustic, concrete pillars, and the sexy white marble bar nestles perfectly between the two levels of the dining room. And the food! I couldn't snap a photo because none of our dishes lasted very long. The beautifully presented small plates had incredible flavors, we all agreed the dessert course was top notch. We were lucky enough to tour the guts of the establishment too, even checking out their on-site flour mill (which in turn, makes one of the best French baguettes I've tasted since, well, France!). The most exciting leg of our tour was a sneak peek at their [soon to be finished] champagne salon, RM, located behind the restaurant. Accessible from the alley, this spot will undoubtedly be a neighborhood go to, with it's cozy fireplace, amazing bejeweled light fixtures, and mouthwatering list of wines. The real hidden gem is the patio space outside of RM. You'd swear you were transported a hidden café in 1950's Paris, this private cobblestone alleyway going to be a truly amazing summer spot.

I'm so glad we checked it out now ... I'm betting a res will be pretty hard to come by.

Nellcôte Chicago
The intricate iron entry to the restaurant

Nellcôte Chicago
Sprigs of french lavender greet diners

Nellcôte Chicago
A look at the dining room from the elevated banquet table

Nellcôte Chicago
The gorgeous bar

Nellcôte Chicago
Amazing chandeliers drip from the ceiling

Nellcôte Chicago
The best seats in the house are at this elevated counter

(opening March 3rd)
833 W. Randolph St.

RM Champagne Salon 
(opening late March)
116 N. Green

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