Thursday, February 2, 2012

Prized Possession

Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson style

Chicago Style

Chicago Style

Chicago Style

The goods:
• cream blouse and black pants from Forever21

• vintage cream boucle jacket by Chanel
• vintage bow pumps from Kokorokoko (for a closer look, see this post)
• bangles from Forever21, Vintage Underground, IGWT, Coach

If I needed to evacuate my home and could grab just one item from my closet, it would be this jacket (and it's skirt counterpart). Together they make up my favorite vintage find of all time, which I wrote about here. I love the fine details at the collar and sleeve and how it elevates an ensemble from sweet to sophisticate. It's finds like these that make digging through thrift worth every minute! Oh, and when I said "just one item," that was, of course, in addition to my favorite handbags and accessories.

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